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This was a trip from Davis, CA(0O5) to San Carlos, CA(KSQL). Where I picked up my pilot friend Deb. Then we headed over the hills to the coast, and north. On the return it was dark and the city was beautiful, but alas, my digital camera ended up with no useful pictures, will try it again some other time.(Thanks to Deb for putting up with and helping with the flying.) Then after all the random flying, and returning Deb to SQL. I headed back towards Davis at about 10-11pm. I did the standard Belmont Slough departure and headed towards the San Mateo bridge. Oakland South Tower cleared me on course and up to 2900(no restrictions, just on course.) Then on handoff to Bay Approach I asked for 5500 and got cleared into the Bravo. It was fun listening to Bay at that time of day, with the Air China and Mexicana jets heading out of SFO. And seeing the lights of the bay below was great. After being handed off to Travis it was really really quiet and not surprisingly I was the only one in the pattern at Davis.